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Purchasing a juicer is one of the best decisions you can make concerning your health. Your body benefits greatly from fresh made vegetable and fruit juices. The juices are nutrient rich and full of vitamins and minerals. Juicers are becoming more popular as people around the world are becoming concerned about their health and looking to increase their strength and vitality. You can reverse the signs of aging with fresh whole fruits and vegetable juices. More than ever, it’s convenient and affordable to purchase a juicer and make your own juice.


You’re probably wondering what juicer to buy and exactly how much one costs. Prices can range from $300 to over $1,000.



What to Look For When Purchasing a Juicer


·        Cleans up easy- You want to buy a juicer that is easy to clean. You do not want to have to juice your vegetables and then face having to scrub your juicer. Find one that has quick clean up time. This way, you will juice more frequently rather than just on a rare occasion.

·        Quality- Juicers range in price range, and also in quality. Look for a warranty that lasts at least one year or so and one that has a warranty for up to ten years is even better. Although you might invest more money, your juicer will be a high quality one that will last for many years to come. Many of the cheaper juicers are not able to tolerate thick skins and seeds of vegetables and fruits. Over a short period of time, a motor specifically one in a less quality juicer, can burn out.

·        Quality of Juice- When thinking of drinking a glass of fresh juice, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible. You do not want juice with lots of pulp or juice that is diluted. Your juice should be of good quality, rich in nutrients, and extremely tasty.

·        Ounces per juice- The low priced juicers often do not produce as much juice as the more expensive kind. Fruits and vegetables cost money and you want to know that for every pound of vegetables and fruits used, you are extracting the most possible amount of juice out of that produce. Using a lower cost juicer will often times yield you less juice and your money will be wasted over time. A good quality juicer will yield about 17%-25% more juice than the bargain juicers.

·        Power- The power of your juice is important because you want to make sure that you will be able to juice those pieces of produce effectively and easily. Your juice should have a horsepower motor of ¼ horsepower or greater.


Quality Juicers Available

Breville, Jack La Lanne Power Juicer, Kenwood, Omega, and Champion Juicer



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