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Detox Diet Plan - Liver and Colon Cleansing

What is the Detox Diet Plan exactly? The detox diet is a plan where the liver and the colon are cleansed of toxins and chemicals, over a short period of time. The liver and the colon are the two main organs in the body that filter and elimiinate toxins. Toxins and chemicals are taken in through the air we breathe, food we eat, alcohol, cigarattes, and drugs.  A detoxification diet or plan should be done seasonally, at least four times a year. Just as a home needs  spring cleaning or an air filter needs to be changed,  our bodies need the same care.  In the Detox diet, the liver and colon are cleansed through eating organic whole foods, taking supplements, herbs and juice fasting.  Your body needs a master cleanse to be able to function properly, prevent disease, and for you to have energy and vitality.

To begin the detox diet plan or cleansing plan, the colon will need to be be cleansed from toxins. The colon is the part of the body that stores the toxins before elimination. Our bodies naturally detoxify themselves through our colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, and skin.  Elimination takes place through sweat, urine, and bowel movements.  Even though our bodies naturally detoxify, it is possible for our organs to get overloaded with toxins which causes adverse reactions such as irregularity, feeling sluggish, feeling ill, low energy and motivation and feeling stressed. These are  just a few of the symptoms that we can experience from toxic buildup. It’s important to rid the body of these toxins so that our organs can then work to their fullest capabilities.

 Beginning a colon cleanse and eating a whole foods diet will rid your body of toxins and revive your body with new energy and life.  Benefits of a colon cleanse include:

·         Less allergic reaction to foods

·         More energy

·         Regularity, less constipation, indigestion, gas, and bloating

·         Weight loss

·         Breath easier

·         Healther outlook

After the colon is cleansed, it’s time to cleanse the liver. The liver is basically the filter of the body. It’s job is to filter the bloodstream of all the toxins that enter the body.  If the liver becomes overloaded with toxins, it is unable to filter the blood and toxins are then carried back into our sytem which brings on sickness and disease.  The first step in cleansing the liver is by eating a liver supporting diet. This includes a diet rich in whole plant foods such as whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, drinking herbal teas, taking liver supporting supplements, and juice fasting.

You begin by eating a whole foods diet for two weeks. This starts the detoxification process of the liver. As you begin to eat whole foods, take herbs and supplements and eliminate the toxic foods such as white rice, white flour, sugar, salt, colas, alchohol, etc.. the liver is able to get a boost and it begins to detoxify.  At the end of the two weeks, a juice fast is done over a period of one to three days.  If you are new to juice fasting, it is wise to start with one day and work your way up to three days. Consult a physician if you choose to fast longer than three days. To read more about juice fasting, click here.  After the juice fast ends, you proceed with two weeks of the liver supporting diet and take the herbs and supplements.

After the colon and liver is cleansed, It’s important to continue a healthy eating plan by eating whole foods and taking vitamins. Also, make juicing a daily habit. Juicing will bring the shine back into your hair and create luxurious locks, make your skin supple and young looking, prevent sickness, and renew your energy.


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