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Here you will find a detailed plan to detoxify your body through clean eating and juice fasting. Information containing convenient detox diet plans, juice recipes, and liver cleansing herbs and supplements is provided here. You're one click away from the healthy and invigorating body that you desire.







Each day our bodies are invaded with numerous toxins that fill the air, our food, and our water supply. Often times, we are not aware of the poisonous chemicals that we are ingesting or breathing in on a daily basis. Here, you will be able to learn what it means to detoxify your body, cleanse your liver, and go on a healthy and nutrient-packed juice fast. Our bodies were created to be able to eliminate toxins that we are bombarded with in our environment; however, over time these toxins can build up and possibly lead to sickness and deadly disease. Toxic relief is available through a healthy diet and juice fasting. Delicious and convenient juice recipes and a liver cleansing diet are provided on this site for free. Also, information on supplements and herbs that support and boost the liver during detoxification are also provided here.


Do you often feel irritable or find that you are having frequent mood swings, bursts of anger, or depression? These symptoms stem from a liver filled with toxins and one that needs to be cleansed through a juice fast or diet. Some additional symptoms include:



·        Memory Loss

·        Depression

·        Bad Breath

·        Anxiety

·        Psychosis

·        Skin Rashes

·        Itchy Skin

·        Red or Itchy Eyes

·        Swollen Eyes

·        Coated Tongue

·        Body Odor




There is a way to relieve these symptoms and the toxins that are causing them. The detox body plan is one in which you spend two to four weeks eating rich whole foods, whole grains, and sipping on fresh homemade vegetable and fruit juices. After a period of eating whole foods, a juice fast will be done for a day or two. This juice fast will eliminate toxins from the body, giving back your strength and vitality. During the fast, only fresh juices, water, and herbal teas will be consumed. You can click on the links in this site to further understand and gain information on foods to eat, juices to make with the available recipes. You will also gain knowledge on supplements to take and juicers to purchase.


There are certain times when one should not fast. Do not fast if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, patients with AIDS, cancer, anemia, those who are malnourished, or before or after surgery should not begin a juice fast.  It’s always wise to consult your physician before beginning any diet or cleansing program.


Toxins are everywhere. We come in contact with them through foods we eat, beverages we drink, medications we ingest, and in the air we breathe. It’s important to take the steps to obtain a whole and healthy body through healthy eating and an occasional juice fast.


Why waste another day continuing to feel tired, sluggish, depressed, and downright sick. It's time to take action now by filling your body with healthy live foods and juices, restoring your liver, and finding toxic relief.

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